Dirty Shirt at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2021-07-22 17:36:37

Dirty Shirt shows what can happen when you blend the power of heavy metal with the energy and passion of Slavic folk and the richness of inspiration derived from world music. The band, which is regarded as one of the most original and successful rock groups in Eastern Europe, is coming to Pol’and’Rock Festival Second Stage this summer! 


Established in 1995 in the northern part of Transylvania, in Romania, the band released six albums and a DVD chronicling their acclaimed FolkCore DeTour from 2018. In 2014, Dirty Shirt took second place in the international final of Wacken Metal Battle, and their unique sound went global. The band is often described as a crossover folklore metal band, but there is much more to Dirty Shirt’s sound. The basis of their sound is the raw power of modern hardcore metal, which is then spiced up with traditional, lively Slavic music and heavily influenced by the eclectic nature of world music, blending elements of country, reggae, tribal with the energy of electro and industrial and smooth groove of funk. As a result, their tracks are festive, catchy, aggressive, and powerful at the same time, appealing to a wide range of listeners. 


Dirty Shirt is lead by two vocalists, each of them with distinctive style: Dan „Rini” Crăciun, who is often clad in a tie, offers some melodic folk singing, and Robert Rusz contributes heavy metal screaming. Fiddles and other traditional folk instruments complement heavy percussion solos and blistering guitar solos exceptionally well. In the standard configuration, the band is formed by 8 musicians performing on stage. Still, one of the recent projects saw Dirty Shirt join forces with a prestigious traditional folk orchestra - Ansamblul Folcloric National Transilvania, taking the number of musicians to 25. The stunning juxtaposition of heavy metal and traditional folk orchestra resulted in a highly successful tour. Furthermore, it inspired Dirty Shirt to explore further cooperation with traditional folk bands in their FolkCore DeTour project. 


The pandemic did not slow the band down - they have released an Internet mini-series dubbed #STAYATHOME with Dirty Shirt sharing new music, covers, and videos with their fans. In addition, in September 2020, the group celebrated its 25th anniversary with a socially distant concert at the Roman Arenas in Bucharest. 


Dirty Shirt. fot. materiały prasowe


The group is at their ultimate best when establishing a connection with the audience - we know that they will give a stunning show at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. 

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