Dżem at Pol'and'Rock 2021

2021-06-08 10:26:36


Dżem is a legendary blues band, which has shaped the evolution of polish music. Dżem is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to soulful, nostalgic take on blues and rock. From the very beginning of our festival, the band was closely associated with the feel and ideals of our festival.  The band has played at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World many a time, and due to its loyal following, each concert drew an impressive crowd. 


Even though our festival has been moved to a new location and the pandemic restrictions take on a new shape, we wanted to keep some of our festival traditions close to heart. We have sowed sunflowers in the hope that they will bloom right on time for us to gather at the Makowice Airfield to enjoy music. Dżem was an obvious choice for the first band announced in the new Pol'and'Rock 2021 line-up. 


Dżem. fot. Jarek Blaminski


Dżem is best known and loved for its poetic, meaningful lyrics referring to the pursuit of freedom and fight for identity. Dżem, which was established in 1973, is one of the precursors of rock music and quite appropriately associated with extravagant and decadent rock'n'roll lifestyle. It is worth bearing in mind that Dżem began its lasting career when Poland was deep in the throes of communism, and all and any vestige of freedom, creative expression, and individualism - especially that inspired by the so-called "rotten west" were curbed by the system. 


The sound of Dżem is inspired by the sound of American blues and rock. Soulful guitars, catchy bass and pounding percussion, lies at the very core of Dżem's lasting success and is the reason why their songs are still very much beloved by fans young and old. 

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