Festival for a new Age

2020-07-30 18:36:45


After months of preparations and speculations, the online edition of our festival has been oficially launched today at 3 PM sharp. The festival has been moved to the Internet but unlike other festivals, which heavily rely on the archive and never-before-seen material and other recorded concerts and shows, our edition of the event is based on live shows taking place in the festival studio. The setup and design of the studio mimic the atmosphere of the festival field and landscape of Kostrzyn nad Odrą - it's vibrant, colourful, and just a little bit crazy.The aesthetics of the studio are rooted in the hippie artwork and feature massive flowers, plants, and stylized guitars. Flowers, which have been blown out of the proportion create a  The set design is a constant reminded of the source of inspiration for the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. The event is deeply rooted in the ideals of the fabulous Woodstock Festival, an event which served to change society forever.  The set was designed by Jurek Owsiak, who is the promoter and the main force behind the festival. 


Festival stage. photo Ola Drutkowska


Impressive stage, which eerily resembles the stage at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World hosts a top-notch selection of Polish artists, all big friends and fans of Pol'and'Rock Festival. Over three days of music extravaganza, we will broadcast 30 concerts. All performances will be available online, worldwide on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. We aimed to give people an opportunity to feel like a part of a bigger community, to enjoy -even if through the internet, the feeling you have when you enter the festival site and are instantly transported into the realm which is extraordinary and unique. 



Mimicking the landscape of the festival site, opposite the stage, there is AFA area. It's where journalists can quiz and talk to some of the most famous public figures in Poland. We will host three guests each day, and touch upon different topics. Members of the audience have a chance to ask their own questions. Actors, writers, journalists, and animal rights activists are among the invited guests. 


Majka Jeżowska at AFA. photo Dominik Malik


We carefully considered all safety protocols and advice and finally, we decided to allow a limited number of members of the audience to enjoy the shows from the studio. There is nothing quite like the feeling of the interaction and energy that is born out of the interaction between the artist and the people listening to the music. The audience goes through all standard safety procedures and we have a team of trained medics on site. 



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