Festival of Fitness

2020-07-31 19:07:32


The Most Beautiful House Party in the World is a 70-hour extravaganza full of music and meetings with inspiring guests and reconnecting with the festival community in an online setting. We might be stuck at home, but we will not be stuck in our ways. Let's move our bodies and minds and let's get fit ahead of the next festival season. Are you ready to rock out? Let's exchange mosh pit for an exercise mat, and your trusty heavy boots for trainers and let's go!

Begin with a warm-up 

Thinking about jumping to music makes you out of breath already? Let's get your groove back after being stuck at home for months of lockdown. At the festival, it is usually enough to have a short stroll around your campsite or wander around the festival site to get your blood pumping. This time, as you blast our festival broadcast from your speakers, get some sit-ups and jumping jacks going to prepare for a night full of music and crazy dance.


Yoga to sweeten the day. photo Dominik Malik


Flow with yoga 

Communal yoga practice in the morning is one of the staples of Pol'and'Rock Festival day routine. Yogis gather at the AFA hill to start the day with a few mindful asanas. We decided to keep the tradition going and invite our audience to roll out their mats in front of their TVs, laptops, or mobile phones and follow a couple of basic and intermediate poses. You don't need to be too bendy or flexible, just willing to step onto the mat! Namaste! 


Dance it out! 

If you are on the market for a more energetic form of exercise, why not hit the dancefloor (or you know, just the floor to dance, dance, dance. Get your groove on and enjoy the music! We have a plenty of music genres you can choose from - from nu-metal to reggae and swing-inspired smooth pop. So, who's dancing with us? 

I wanna dance with somebody. photo Ola Drutkowska


Headbang it out  

Wondering how's your neck and back doing after being hunched over a laptop for all this time? Don't fret. Two metalheads are better than one - get your close friends together over a video link, turn on some Hunter - nothing better than thrash metal to get your energy and heart-rate up! Feeling all tingly? That's metal music flowing through your veins! 


Dance like nobody's watching. photo Ola Drutkowska


Conserve your energy and get ready for next year

We will meet next year, so we need to see you in your top fighting form. Take some time off, hydrate, relax and unwind. A perfect time to listen to our AFA meetings. The conversations with inspiring personalities and people who eagerly and openly share their knowledge and experience with others. We still have some time to mellow it out and focus on preparing for next year. And trust us, it is going to be le-gen-da-ry! 







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