Igorrr at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2021-07-21 17:52:54


Igorrr began as a solo project of a music mastermind, Gautier Serre. The multi-instrumentalist and music visionary claims to have synesthesia, which allows him to perceive music as colours. Serre first established himself as a solo artist - playing the piano, guitar, and percussion, remixing and sampling them in the studio. His debut album was released in 2010, and the second release followed in 2012. Since 2017 Igorrr became a creative powerhouse bringing together four artists - two vocalists: soprano Aphrodite Patoulidou and JB Le Bail, responsible for growling and heavy metal screaming. The group's roster features Patrick - a chicken, who is listed as a vocalist. The collective brings new energy to their live shows, showcasing the raw power of creativity and music. 


Igorrr's music is a visual and aural experience. Their trademark sound blends musical genres as desperate as death metal, industrial metal with classical music, baroque music in particular, and folk music hailing from the Balkans with traditional Arab tunes and electro music. Igorrr's music draws inspiration from all corners of the world, creating a vibrant, sometimes demanding mosaic of sounds, impressions and moods. Both harpsichord and turntable are at the basis of Igorrr's sound, while clean, sophisticated soprano vocal hailing back to classical chamber music is joined by black metal growling and screaming. Gothic and unapologetically dark, Igorrr's music shocks, surprises, and makes an impression just like all great art should. 


The collective released four albums. Released in 2017, the album "Savage Sinusoid" impressed both fans and music critics. Metal Injection, apart from granting the release 10 out of 10 possible stars, dubbed this offering as the Most Batshit Crazy Album of the Year. AllMusic and Metal Hammer had high praise for the album as well. The most recent release from Igorrr's house of strange and wonderful, called "Spirituality and Distortion", was released in 2020. 

I just want to make the music I love, without asking myself if it's gonna be too complex or too far from what people like. I want to make the music that has sense to me, with no restrictions, like a big party with metalheads, electronics nerds, classical and baroque-heads and gipsy violinists getting drunk and joining together to bring the best of every genre

- explains Gautier Serre 


Igorrr. fot. Svarta Photography

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