Sekielski Brothers at the Online AFA

2020-05-26 12:31:32


Even though the festival has been moved online, we are keeping the well-liked format of Academy of the Finest of Arts meetings with respected public figures: authors, journalists, artists, and travellers. We have hosted meetings with director and Oscar winner Andrzej Wajda, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Lech Wałęsa, Literary Nobel Prize laureate Olga Tokarczuk, and director Agnieszka Holland - among many, many other celebrated guests. Festival audience gets a chance to take part in inspiring meetings with authorities and absolute experts in the field. 



We are delighted to announce that Tomasz and Marek Sekielski accepted our invitation to appear in the online edition of our festival. The film-making duo will take part in the Most Beautiful Hoseparty in the World - an immersive three-day online festival. The brothers are behind provocative and groundbreaking documentaries investigating the allegations of rife child sexual abuse perpetrated by Catholic priests in Poland. Films, which are a result of years of investigation, evidence-gathering and conversations with victims and alleged abusers. Two documentaries - "Tell No one" and "Hide and Seek" explore not only traumatic stories of grown-up victims of abuse but the films also touch upon the problematic issues of a systematic abuse cover-up committed by the church authorities. The films explore issues of guilt, apology, and forgiveness. 


Tomasz i Marek Sekielscy, Fot. Szymon Szcześniak




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