The winner of Antyradio’s Antyfest - Batna will play at the Festival

2021-07-28 22:17:30

The band Batna from Silesia became the winner of the Antifest Antyradia 2021 - the biggest rock talent show in Poland. As a reward, band received a commemorative statuette of "Golden Scythe". They will also perform on the Big Stage on the second day of Pol'and'Rock Festival 2021, record a professional album in Izabelin Studio, and its promotion will be provided by Antyradio - the largest rock station in Poland. Two other bands, Punched Orange and Symptone received special awards. This year's final of the competition was the first to be organized in the formula of an all-day festival.



Batna was established in Jastrzębie-Zdrój at the beginning of last year. In a very short time, the band developed a 10-track repertoire, which, according to the plan, will be material for a full-length album. The music is simple, uncompromising rock with elements of metal claws. At the beginning of this year, Batna presented herself on YouTube with their debut video for the song "Scream, when I need to". Currently the band consists of – Łukasz Biedroń – guitar, Piotr Antos – bass, Marcin Zmorzyński – vocal, Łukasz "Yasiu" Pierwoła – guitar and Sławek Biernat – drums. The victory in Antyradio’s Antyfest is their first significant success, which opens up new opportunities for them to present themselves to a wide range of rock music fans all over Poland.



The festival final of the 13th edition of the competition took place last Sunday (25.07) at the Summer Stage of Progresja music club in Warsaw. Bands who performed: Batna, Mindfak, Punched Orange, Symptone and Topinambur. The stars of the evening were Strange Spring and Pidżama Porno. This year's high level of the competition was confirmed by the fact that the jury decided to hand out two special awards, which were given to Punched Orange and Symptone. This is an exceptional situation. Both bands will record two songs in Izabelin Studio, and the former also received an invitation to a club concert in Warsaw's Progresja. 

244 rock bands from all over Poland signed up for this year'sAntyradio’s Antyfest. 46 of them were nominated by the editorial office. The five finalists were selected by fans and listeners in an online vote. 

The aim of Antyradio’s Antyfest , organized since 2009, is to promote artists who play guitar music, unknown to the general public. The "Golden Scythe" statuette was created in tribute to the deceased journalist of Antyradio –  Janusz "Kos" Kosiński –  a great supporter of promoting Polish music. 


Check out the full line-up of 27th Pol'and'Rock Festival:

Translated from Polish by Łukasz Kujac
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