There's No Party Like a Big Cyc Party

2020-06-19 14:47:42


Big Cyc will be playing at the online edition of our festival. The legendary punk formation draws on the experience of the musicians who were involved in student counter-culture movement and actively opposed the communist regime in Poland. 



Big Cyc sound can be described as a vibrant mixture of punk and lively ska. Heavy beats go together with guitar effects and loud, unapologetic vocal. The band's performances draw inspiration from civic disobedience actions and performances which are aimed to shock the audience into looking at different societal, political, and cultural issues from a different perspective. The band's lyrics are heavily satirical and the musicians are always ready to issue a brass comment on the failings of Polish politics, culture, and society. Big Cyc remains faithful to its anarchic roots and ideals of rebellion. 

The band has played at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World three times, and this year Big Cyc will take the stage at the online edition of the festival. 


Big Cyc

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