Trupa Trupa at Night AFA Stage

2021-07-23 09:52:01


The band flawlessly combines dark, poetic lyrics with alt-rock music with winding, experimental psychedelic music. Marriage of poetry and psychedelia, with a unique, atmospheric twist, debuted in 2010 when Trupa Trupa released their debut EP. Just a year later, the band released a full-length album. The band was solidifying their sound, perfecting the balance between complicated, experimental music and tracks with absolutely universal appeal. Recorded in Wrzeszcz Synagogue album "++" garnered a lot of attention and praise from international and Polish music critics alike. English-language lyrics focused on themes of death and grief, while music was mature and interesting. Their sound is spacious, complex, tightly wound up, yet not overwhelming. It is a perfect marriage of alternative rock and 

The group's music was noticed and lauded by music journalists working for The Guardian, Pitchfork, NPR and Trupa Trupa began making waves in the US and the UK. Their songs are often featured on BBC 6 radio and grabbed Iggy Pop, Mary Anne Hobbs, Steve Lamacq, and Gideon Coe. Trupa Trupa played at Desert Daze Festival, Rockaway Beach Festival, SXSW, Primavera Sound,  Iceland Airwaves and performed at the legendary NPR Tiny Desk music sessions. In 2015 the band released their album "Headache" with Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records. In 2020 Trupa Trupa finished working on their most recent album, released in 2022 through Glitterbeat Records and Lovitt Records. 


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